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Glenergy Inc

One in four people, globally, lack access to electricity. This population for the most part relies on fuel-based lighting, which is expensive, polluting, hazardous and inefficient.

Since 2001, Glenergy International has been committed to enabling the transition from fuel-based lighting to clean, affordable and safe solar lighting solutions. From our three Glenergy hubs in KenyaTanzania and Uganda we distribute solar-powered LED lanterns, launch village-level entrepreneurs with solar charging micro-businesses, and work with NGOs and philanthropic entrepreneurs on community development projects. Glenergy has done solar installations at remote community centres, health clinics, schools, dormitories, small businesses etc.

Modern lighting changes people’s lives. Glenergy partners with individuals and organizations worldwide to break the cycle of poverty and dependance on kerosene. So far, Glenergy solar lights are in over 48 countries.

To buy Glenergy solar lights and other products in East Africa, please refer to the contact information below.




Rajesh Ghai
Head of Operations 
+254 752 700 520
Jonathan Lyimo
Head of Operations 
+255 715 759 981
Richard Onzima
Head of Operations 
+256 772 302 825